News Flash! An Alliance of Two Dhamma Fellowships

The inaugural joint meeting of Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) and Mandarin Buddhist Studies Fellowship (MBSF) held on April 14th 2013 marked a new milestone, the alliance of two Fellowships to share a common platform to foster identical interests and activities in the propagation of the Dhamma and Buddhism.

“Bhikkus, there are these two kinds of assemblies. What two?  The shallow assembly and the deep assembly. Of these two kinds of assemblies, the deep assembly is foremost.”  (Anuttara Nikaya, The Book of the Twos, Sutta 42(1) V. Assemblies [Wisdom Publications]).

MVDF saw the need to make amendments to the Rules and Regulations to establish an Associate Membership for students had not completed the YMBA Sunday Dhamma Classes,  students of Non-examination English Dhamma Class “Buddhism in Daily Life” (, attendees or participants of MVDF’s and MBSF’s activities or future courses or programmes.

Hence all future students, participants or attendees of classes or courses or any of our activities as the case may be, under the purview of Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple,  will be registered  as Associate Members of the Fellowship.

An Associate Member shall be entitled to all privileges and be allowed  to participate in all activities of MVDF except the right to nominate candidates for election, vote in the annual general meeting and serve as a Committee Member.

The alliance of the two Fellowships will generate more vibes and interests
for the benefit of the members.

In the second joint meeting on May 12th the legitimacy of an Associate Member was confirmed. In addition, it was agreed that  an Associate Member  can hold office in the Sub-Committee to enable cross fertilization of ideas to further enhance the progress and growth.

Prior to the alliance, MBSF had actively organized events and outings such as Sanghika Dana ( ), Visit to Alokarama & Seck Kia Eehn Temple in Malacca (, Humanitarian Trip to Johor (, Bonding Retreat at Samadhi Centre (, A Good Friday meditation workshop cum retreat ( and also participated in MVDF Outreach programme in bringing festive  joy to lonely senior citizens in Eunos  Crescent(,  just to name a few.

The expanded pool of membership created by the alliance of the two Fellowships will generate more vibes and interests for the benefit of the members. It is envisaged that there will be more activities and events in future.

However, to sustain and promote the growth of the Fellowships, we need to garner more support from the students, teachers, attendees, participants and also the MBVT Management Committee.

We appeal to all readers of Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple to support to the Fellowships by their deeds or otherwise achieve our mission of propagating the Dhamma.  By doing so you are also put into practise the Teachings of the Buddha.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Chin Kee Thou

English Dhamma Class

May 14th 2013.