To know the TRUTH or Myth … attend Sutta Studies Class or Sutta Reading Club


When myth is truth … In one of the lessons on the life of Buddha taught by Cakkapala during the “Buddhism in Daily Life” class, he related (See the other link – “Buddhism in Daily Life – a New Course”), the incident where Prince Siddhartha retrieved a wounded swan shot …

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MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Dhamma Interaction and Exchange Programme


Dhamma interaction and exchange programme is one of the MV Dhamma Fellowship’s agendas. This time we embarked on a short trip to Penang and Southern Thailand. At the invitation of Ehipassiko Buddhist Meditation Society, Bhante Raja together with Brother Raymond Yow, Brother Koh Yew Wah, Brother Hing Seng Huat and …

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OUTREACH is Reaching Out!

DSC_0993 (2)

MV Dhamma Fellowship’s ‘Outreach‘  is a humanitarian programme to reach out to those who are in need of help.  The programme  started in 2010 in partnership with Lions’ Befrienders for members to  gain  experience and learn from a more established orgainisation. Volunteers from Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple pay monthly  visits to …

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MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Vesak Day 2013 Celebration, a New Milestone


MV Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) celebrated Vesak Day 2013 with a new milestone-an expanded recruitment exercise. In addition to recruitment for Sunday Dhamma Classes (for both adults and children) and the Youth Group as was done  in previous years (refer to link,  we launched the “MV Dhamma Fellowship Recruitment ” exercise targeted …

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