Inserting Pictures To An Article


To insert pictures to an article you must be an Author, Editor or Administrator.  A Contributor do not have the privilege to insert pictures to an article and could request the help of Editor or Administrator to do so by providing the selected images. An Author can insert pictures to his own …

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The MV Bodhi Tree Is Gone

Fallen MV Bodhi Tree2

In the early morning of 26th August 2011, Monday, I was going through my emails when one terse message stopped me in my strides – “The Bodhi Tree in Mangala Vihara is gone. Brought down by last night’s thunderstorm”. What? Gone??? That Big, Gigantic Bodhi Tree at MV??? Just couldn’t …

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Reviving Pontian


Situated about 80 km North of Singapore is the Samadhi Meditation Center in Pontian, Johore. It’s about 1 and half hours drive from the Woodland Check Point. The Center is nestled in a forested surrounding and is quiet and rustic, close to nature and  far from the hustle and bustle of city life – …

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Tangkak Durian Trip

Durian at Tangkak

  The Diploma Class recently organized a Durian bonding & fellowship trip to Tangkak at Malaysia on 30th July. There were 28 participants. The Durian season was at its peak then. Participants get to savour about 10 different species of durians namely: 1.  Mao Shang 2.  Jing Fong 3.  101 4.  Kunyik …

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