1. Maranasati

Night visit(s) to provide support to  family of the deceased; it is also an opportunity for volunteers to meditate on the subject of death.
Person In Charge : Bro Lim Lee Hock



2. Blessing for the Sick

Visit(s) to MVDF members /their relatives who are sick;  volunteers will chant Paritta for the sick.
Person In Charge : Bro Lim Lee Hock



3. Buddhanussati Meditation & Metta Bhavana Chanting

Recollection of the 9 virtues of the Buddha 108 times & Metta Chanting
Date : Every 1st Sunday of the month
Time :  1:00 to 2:30 PM
Venue : Mangala Vihara Shrine Hall
Person In Charge: Sis Sumitta Simon

Buddhanussati is one of the 10 Recollections under the 40 subjects of meditation.  In this meditation one recollects the 9 virtues of the Buddha by repeating the recitation 108 times until one’s mind is calm and then shift to vipassana or mindfulness meditation.

To cater to the needs of those who want to calm their minds before doing mindfulness meditation, Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) introduced Buddhanussati meditation on the first Sunday of the month of May in 2010.

Since then, MVDF has been conducting the Buddhanussati on the first Sunday of every month (except for new moon and full moon days).

The meditation will start at 1:00pm from year 2012 onwards. Bhante Seelananda and Bhante Raja will lead meditators to take the three refuges and five precepts. Following this one of the volunteer meditator will lead the recitation of the 9 virtues of the Buddha, 6 virtues of the Dhamma and 9 virtues of the Sangha. This is followed by the recollection of the 9 virtues of the Buddha for 108 times. After finishing the recollection,  meditation begins.  We end the meditation with the recitation of some parittas from the big sutta such as Anavum Pirita, Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha and Pattidana.

Buddhanussati meditation is open to everyone – come and join us on the first Sunday of each month. Those who are interested in leading the recitation of the Sutta, especially for those who have completed the Big Sutta class, are most welcome.

The Benefits of Contemplation on Nine Virtues of the Buddha

A virtuous one who repeatedly contemplates the attributes of the Buddha has exceptional esteem of the Buddha comparable to the Ariyas’s devotion to the Buddha. Repeated recollection of the Buddha so develops his mind that he has a stable mindfulness. The profundity of the Buddha’s attributes on which his mind is trained makes him a person of profound wisdom. The nine attributes in themselves are the fertile field for sowing merit, therefore constant recollection of them is highly meritorious.

Reflection on the Buddha is a mental exercise conducive to delightful joy (piti), one of the seven factors of Enlightenment. The meditator becomes possessed of much delightful joy, first of the feeble kind but, later, of an ecstatic kind.  The mindfulness that dwells on the attributes of the Buddha overcomes fear, therefore the meditator becomes indifferent to fear and dread, great or small. Since this mental exercise has the nature of warding off physical pain, the meditator acquires a kind of tolerance to pain. He also feels that he is together with the Buddha. The body of one whose mind is absorbed in the thoughts of the Buddha is like a shrine containing the Buddha so that it becomes worthy of adoration. His mind is always inclined to Supreme Enlightenment.

The meditator’s mind is constantly reminded of the attributes of the Buddha with the result that any evil thought that might arise is driven away before evil word or deed is committed, being shameful to do it, and being abhorrent to do it in the presence of the Buddha. Contemplation of the Buddha is a basis for gaining Magga Phala. If the meditator does not gain Magga Phala in this existence for want of sufficient past merit he is reborn in the fortunate existences.

These are the benefits of contemplating the Buddha as explained in Visuddhi Magga.                     

……….Abstract from ‘The Great Chronicle of Buddhas’




4. Maha Satipatthana Sutta Recitation

Date : Every 3rd Sunday of the month
Time :  1:00 to 3:00 PM
Venue : Mangala Vihara Shrine Hall

Person In Charge: Sis Sumitta Simon

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