Varada Mudra (Granting Wishes)

In this mudra the right hand, palm facing out, is directed downward. It symbolizes summoning Heaven as witness to his Buddhahood. In a variant form, the thumb and index finger of the downward extended hand touched one another. Frequently the abhaya and varada mudras are combined with the right hand making the gesture of fearlessness and the left hand that of wish granting.


Varanda Mudra image

Sunita was a scavenger born into the so called outcaste community.  The Buddha was on his morning alms round one day and happened to pass Sunita.  Such was the Buddha radiance that the humble youth prostrated himself before the Master in adoration.  As the Buddha talked to him he raised one hand in the gesture of loving-kindness and the other hand that of giving.

The greatest gift anyone can receive is freedom – true freedom comes with the gift of knowledge – teachings.

Sandstone Varada Mudra


This is the sixth mudra in a series of ten mudras. The next mudra Uttarabodhi Mudra

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou (YMBA, 3rd year)





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