Vitarka Mudra (Teaching of the Dhamma)

The right hand points upward, the left hand downwards; both palms are turned outward.  The thumb and index finger of each hand forms a circle. The right hand is at shoulder level, the left at the level of the hips.

Vitraka Mudra


In a variant of this teaching gesture, the left hand rests palm upward on the lap, and the right hand is raised to shoulder level with its thumb and index finger forming a circle.

Vitraka Mudra in sitting position

In further form of this mudra, the index finger and little finger of both hands are fully extended, the middle and ring fingers somewhat curved inward. The left hand points upwards with the right hand points downwards.

This mudra represents discussion and signifies the exposition of the Dhamma.

This is the second mudra of a series of ten mudras.  Dhammachakra Mudra is the in the next posting.

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou (YMBA, 3rd year)




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