Learn, Practice and Share

Referring to the Committee meeting about our MVDF vision or motto which is LEARN, PRACTICE and SHARE, many members may not really know the meaning of these three words.

No doubt members are attending the Sunday Dhamma Class is a form of learning but that learning is limited in the class room, and further more you are learning theoretical aspect of the Dhamma not the practical aspect of the Dhamma.

So how do we get the practical aspect of the Dhamma?

When you are helping out in the MVDF activities you got ample opportunity to Learn, Practice and Share  with others, and not only that you accumulate a lots of good merits too.  At the same time you are cultivating wholesome thoughts.

How it is so?

When you participating, when you are involving in the activities you will learn:

1.  How to apply Dhamma knowledge into practice.

2.  How to get along among your Dhamma friends.

3.  How to handle the situation that might be unfavourable to you.

4.  How it helps you to develop your character and discipline.

5.  No unwholesome thought can arise.

6.  Whether you think about merit or not so long you are doing wholesome things the merits will credit to you automatically without you asking for it.

7. Y ou are also cultivating your ‘parami’ which you need it in your meditation.

8.  And all these form the part of your meditation practice.

So the real practical aspect of Dhamma is there.  One who sees the Dhamma will benefit from it, they know that is Dhamma they are learning it and they are practicing it at the same time.

This is one of the few reasons for setting up the MVDF. I hope by now members would understand MVDF objective and vision.

Thank you,
Ven Raja

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