OUTREACH is Reaching Out!

MV Dhamma Fellowship’s ‘Outreach‘  is a humanitarian programme to reach out to those who are in need of help.  The programme  started in 2010 in partnership with Lions’ Befrienders for members to  gain  experience and learn from a more established orgainisation. Volunteers from Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple pay monthly  visits to a group of lonely senior residents identified by the Lions’ Befrienders and living in the vicinity of Eunos Crescent. During each visit on the fourth Sunday of the month , volunteers  lend a listening ear and chit-chatted with the elderly. We also bring festive cheer to them during the mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year. I have been  a volunteer in a team among the others since inception in 2010. It is a great opportunity for us to practise the Dhamma by showing care and compassion for these people.

Brahm Centre

Bhante Raja was approached by Brahm Center for volunteers to assist in their “Virtual Hospital Programme”. After the initial meeting and brief discussion with representatives from the Centre, they were invited to give a presentation of their programme to devotees at MVBT on June 9th 2013.

The Assistant Director of Brahm Centre, Mr. Vincent Chua and his team graciously consented and gave a presentation at the Mangala Hall.

Sharing a lighter moment with the floor



Questions from the floor……..


Their Mission

Brahm Centre’s mission is to promote happy and healthy living which would result in individuals who will stay mentally and physically healthy, become more effective in what they do and be a positive influence on others. It also offers free Health, Happiness, Social/Financial Talks, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, and Social Club with Sudoku every week.

Virtual Hospital

Virtual Hospital is a Brahm Centre’s collaborative pilot initiative with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to help patients who have been admitted to TTSH for at least 5 times or more.

About the Virtual Hospital Programme

To help patients (identified by TTSH) who have little social support and require additional assistance with their medical & social conditions, Brahm Centre recruits committed volunteers who are interested to become Volunteer Befrienders.

Aims of Brahm Centre’s Virtual Hospital Befrienders’ Programme

  • Provide compassionate companionship and emotional support to patients through weekly visits.
  • To provide feedback on patient’s well-being to both Brahm Centre and TTSH.

Chairman of MVDF, Brother Raymond Yow elucidates a doubt;
with him are Assistant Director of Brahm Centre and Bhante Raja



While our initial response to the programme has been encouraging, we hope that more will come forward. Readers who are interested to participate in this programme may contact  MVDF Vice Chairperson: Sister Lily Chan via email: (mindistheforerunner@gmail.com).

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

English Dhamma Class &

Associate Member, MVDF

June 10th 2013


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