Blessing for the Sick

MV Dhamma Fellowship’s (MVDF), Committee for Spiritual Support was called upon to visit a critically ill bed-ridden elderly patient to render the ‘Blessing for the Sick Service’  at her home.

Led by Bhante Raja, the service was co-ordinated by Brother Lim Lee Hock, a committee member in charge of Spiritual Support Service. Together with 16 other volunteers from MVDF and Mandarin Buddhist Studies Fellowship (MBSF) the group visited the patient on May 19th 2013.

Members of the Volunteer Team

 The  volunteers were Alex, Alice Lim, Doris Yip, Cynthia Tan, Mariana Lim, Sumitta, Lily Chan, Ah Hing, Malini Sng, Pun Thuan Choon, Raymond Yow, Tan Lay Tin, Diong Meei Lan, Tan Kay Seng, Tan Bee Har and Lim Poh Tin.

Bhante Raja leading a team of volunteers from MVDF and MBSF
visited her home and rendered Blessing for the Sick service

How the Service helps

 Chanting of the Suttas will assist and help the critically ill and sick patients to lift off their worries, fear and anxieties in order for them to have a speedy recovery.

For those who are dying, this chanting will release them of their pain, help them to let go of their worries and attachment and remind them of their good deeds, thus enabling them to pass on peacefully.

Short Dhamma Sharing Session

A short Dhamma sharing session was conducted on reflection on sickness and the obvious topic chosen was  ‘ Impermanence Relating to Old Age, Sickness and Death’.

A volunteer among the group who herself is very sick was invited by Bhante Raja to attend the occasion to experience and understand the true nature of life in Buddhism.

Having heard and understood the doctrine of the Teachings of the Buddha on the true nature of life discussed in the session, she was able to express her own feelings and look at the brighter side of life  and accepting that the fact that disease/illness is inevitable.

“Again, monks, I thought: One of the uneducated many folk, though himself subject to disease, not having passed beyond disease, when he sees another person diseased, is troubled, ashamed and disgusted, forgetful that he himself is such an one.  Now I too am subject to disease. I have not passed beyond disease, I might be troubled, ashamed, disgusted.  Were I to see another diseased, I might be troubled, ashamed, disgusted. That would not be seemingly in me. Thus, monks, as I considered the matter, all pride in my health deserted me.” (Anguttara Nikaya, The Book of the Threes, Sutta 38: Delicately nurtured [Pali Text Society edition]). 

Even celestial beings can fall sick – what more with worldings and sentient beings:

“Bhikkhus, against four things there can be no guarantor, neither an ascetic, a brahmin, a deva, Mara, Brahma, nor anyone in the world, What four? …  …  … … …

 (2) There can be no guarantor, neither an ascetic, a Brahmin, a deva, Mara, Brahma, nor anyone in the world, that what is subject to illness will not fall ill.” (Anguttara Nikaya, The Books of Four, Sutta 182(2) Guarantor [Bhikkhu Bodhi, Wisdom Publications]).

 Benefits accrued from this Meritorious Act

The person who learns and renders this meritorious service will accrue abundant merits; is blessed with good health and happiness and also  with opportunity for a better rebirth.

Readers who are interested to learn more about  and render this service may e-mail Contact person: Brother Lim Lee Hock (

Please note that we refrain from publishing any photograph of the aggrieved family members as a mark of respect for their privacy during period.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

English Dhamma Class &

Associate Member, MVDF

May 31st 2013







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  1. Lord Buddha, The Fully Enlightened One, or the Tathagata, fall sick too during his last days:
    “160. Some time after the Bhagava had entered upon the residence period of the rains, there rose in him a severe illness and he suffered excessive pain, near unto death. This the Bhagava endured, with mindfulness and clear comprehension, and without being perturbed.
    Then the Bhagava had this thought: “It would not be proper for me to pass away in the realization of Nibbana without letting the attendant bhikkhus know, without having taking leave of the community of bhikkhus. (Therefore) I should ward off this illness by effort (of Insight meditation, vipassana bhavana,) and abide in the life-maintaining phala samapatti (sustained absorption in Fruition attainment).” The Bhagava’s illness subsided.”
    “190. Later, after the Bhagava had eaten the food offered by Cunda, the goldsmith’s son. A severe illness came upon the Bhagava, a severe attack of dysentery with discharge of blood, and he suffered excessive pain, near to his death. This the Bhagava endured with mindfulness and deliberation, and without being perturbed.”
    (Digha Nikaya, Maha Vagga, Sutta III. Mahaparinibbana Sutta [Burma Pitaka Association edition])

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