The Medan Mission – Part 3

House blessing was the most sought after service. We were glad to render such service and invariably all families who hosted our stay requested for it.

Group photo at Ah Ling's mother house


Sharing of merits after house blessing ceremony at Suriyami Simon's new house


Dana at Bobby's mother house & sharing of merits


Sharing of merits at Mr. Rusdy's house

We were invited to do blessing for residents at an old age home at Yayasan Guna Budi Bakti.

The event was initiated by Mr. Herman Thang, the past president of Lions Club who offered dana dinner on an auspicious day in June where six members had their birthday dates in the month.




Birthday "boys" and "girls" at the old age home


Sharing of joy


Children enjoying the birthday party at old age home


Offering dinner at Yayasan Guna Budi Bakti old age home


Dinner time



We were also requested to give blessing to a patient warded in the ICU at Martha Friska Hospital.

A Maranasati service was also conducted for a 16-year-old who died of sickness.

(I did not take any photograph as a respect for privacy during difficult time faced by the families).

We accomplished more than expected during the 11 days at Medan.  The unplanned events like blessing for the old folks, the sick and chanting for the dead clearly remind us of the doctrine of the Lord Buddha on Old Age, Sickness and Death which reflected upon life as Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta.

In the same vein, just as we had embarked on journey to Medan with excitement and exuberance, we accept that all good things must come to a close.  We boarded our flight home with fond memories of how we have touched the lives of so many fellow Buddhists, as they had ours.

We hope that you, our readers will one day have the same opportunity to visit Medan to see how fellow Buddhists there are zealously taking every opportunity to practice the Buddha-Dhamma in ways that gladdens our hearts.


Contributor: Chin Kee Thou















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