The Medan Mission – Part 2

The tour continued …………

Our main destination was Taman Bodhi Asri for meditation workshop cum retreat .  We arrived on the eve of the consecration ceremony of the main shrine hall.  We were fortunate to witness the ceremony and noted the difference in cultural practices.

The dormitories for the old folks and the kitchen were functional while the other infrastructures for meditation retreat was still under construction.  The meditation kutis for the individual and twin-sharing were at various stages of construction, including the dinning hall, pond and landscape works among others.

Pak Bibi, the man responsible for the completion of the project sought advice from Bhante Raja on the layout of the meditation centre, mainly the location of the kutis.

During our stay, many well-wishers, devotees, villagers and visitors including an assemblyman and the district headman called upon Bhante Raja.

We also conducted puja, meditation session and blessing of the congregation.

In return for their hospitality and warm reception and as a gesture of goodwill we reciprocate and offered dana lunch to the residents of TABA, children and members of the village.

As a token appreciation, every child were treated to a bottle of beverage and an apple.

Puja in shrine hall at TABA


Puja and blessing for the congregation


Puja in the main shrine after meditation


Dhamma sharing after chanting


Dormitories for old folks


Meditation kutis for individuals at various stages of construction

Sangha kutis under construction


The dinning hall

Among the many visitors was an Assemblyman (with hand outstretched) and district headman, on the right of Bhante (hidden by the lady) with other visitors



Soaking in the early morning mist was exhilarating as we did walking meditation outside the shrine hall

Dana lunch hosted by us for the children and adults at TABA

Sharing of merits with Pak Bibi at TABA


Bhante performing the dana to TABA

The concluding part of the tour – Other Religious Activities – will continue in Part 3.

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou















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