Metta Bhavana Chanting

One of the MVDF activities is Buddhanussati & Metta Bhavana Chanting held in the shrine hall from 1-2.30pm on the first Sunday of every month  

Metta bhavana means ‘cultivation of loving kindness’.  Metta is a mental state characterized by promoting welfare, amity, goodwill and friendliness. The cultivation of this mental state is ‘bhavana’ or normally translated as ‘meditation’. When we cultivate it, it becomes strong, powerful and useful and brings us abundant deep and intense peace and happiness.

As most participants are not familar with metta bhavana chanting, we requested for someone to teach us how to do it correctly. The first metta bhavana chanting class was conducted by Sister Suriaty Simon on 20 May 2012 from 1-2 pm. The next session will  be held on 15 July and all, especially those who have missed the previuos session, are welcome to attend.

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