MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Vesak Day Celebration

Vesak Day marks the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. Not unlike any other Buddhist temples, monasteries or centres, Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) celebrated this year’s auspicious day with traditional events like an open house for members, devotees and the public for puja; blessing fromthe venerables; offering light and incense to the Buddha and the Bodhi Tree and, of course, dana lunch.

MV Dhamma Fellowship, formed in 2009 at the initiative of Bhante Raja to provide a platform for current and past students as well as teachers of YMBA to stay connected, rejoiced with Mangala Vihara in the celebration of this grandiose celebration.  While we soaked in the festivities we each had our own special duties for the day.

On the eve, members of MV Dhamma Fellowship led by Ellen Song, assisted by Bee Leng, Mabel and I set up the booth.  Montages were displayed on the panel wall together with photographs of the Fellowship’s various recreational activities.  We also provided assistance to set up the Mandarin class booth.

The large congregation that thronged the temple ground provided a fertile ground for MV Dhamma Fellowship to recruit students for the YMBA courses, Mandarin class and the Youth Circle.

MV Dhamma Fellowship has dual aims: to propagate the Dhamma by recruiting new students for the YMBA courses and to rejuvenate and promote membership.

The gift of the Dhamma excels all gifts; the taste of Dhamma excels all tastes; delight in the Dhamma excels in all delights.  The eradication of Craving overcomes all ills.” Dhamapada Verse 354.




The day’s effort of Patricia Tan, Cynthia Tan, Mee Ying, Seow Eng, Suriaty and I, resulted in the tally of:

20 registering for YMBA adult classes,

1 registering by a parent for the Youth Circle, and

7 registering by parents for Children’s classes.

Thanks also go to Nick for producing the flyer which summarises the various courses available at MVBT.


Canvassing "Yes" Hard selling "No"


Registration in progress


Though the numbers did not look very encouraging, there were many who said they ‘will think about it’. This had been the trend in the past few years but the numbers that finally turn up when the term starts is usually more than that registered as some people prefer not to commit themselves yet.


Bhante Raja lends support


Nevertheless, an acknowledgement from Brother Lim Ah Swan, Chairman of the Management Committee of Manala Vihara and Sister Rita Lee of the Youth Circle were most welcome.

Words of encouragement from Brother Lim, “What did the Buddha said about sharing? The Buddha said if only you know what I know about the results of sharing, you would not eat your last mouthful without sharing. But because you do not know and are blinded by your ignorance, you keep on repeating the same mistakes and reaping the evil results. Thanks for your intention to share your knowledge of the Buddha Dhamma with others” speak volume.

Shadu! Shadu! Shadu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou


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  1. The source of Brother Lim’s citation is from Khuddaka Nikaya, Book 4 The Itivuttaka, Verse 22-13, “Giving (Dana Sutta)”, BPS edition by John D. Ireland, page 127:
    “If beings only knew-
    So said the Great Sage –
    How the result of sharing
    Is of such great fruit,
    With a gladdened mind,
    Rid of the stain of meanness,
    They would duly give to noble ones
    Who make what is given fruitful.
    Having given much food as offerings
    To those most worthy of offerings,
    The donors go to heaven
    On departing the human state.
    Having gone to heaven they rejoice,
    And enjoying pleasures there,
    The unselfish experience the result
    Of generously sharing with others.”

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