2011 YMBA Exam Results

The much awaited 2011 YMBA Exam results are out!

Click on the following links to view the results …

Junior I – YMBA result 2011

Junior II – YMBA result 2011

Senior I – YMBA result 2011

Senior II – YMBA result 2011

Diploma – YMBA result 2011

Congratulations to all who passed the exams. However, even if a studant has failed or did not sit for the exam his/her time  spent in Mangala Vihara is not wasted.

What’s important is that the student had the priviledge of  listening to the Dhamma for a whole year and benefitted from the teachings of the Enlightened One.

Afterall, listening to the Dhamma is, in itself, a meritorious act.

We owe a big THANK YOU to all our volunteer teachers for imparting the knowledge to us.

The Buddha said’ The Gift of Dhamma Excels All Other Gifts’.

May the Dhamma continue to be the guiding light and blessings in our daily lives.

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

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