Visit to Samadhi Centre in Pontain

29 October 2011 was my first visit to the Samadhi Centre in Pontain, Johore. The centre is nestled in a quiet place far from the hustle and bustle of modern city life.  It is surrounded by rich vegetation with lots of trees and has  a sense of peace and tranquility.

Though it is said to have been neglected for sometime, the hard work put in by Ven Raja and many devotees to clean up the compund and clear overgrown bushes during their past few visits. They srubbed the kitchen, toilets and cleaned windows and floors.  They also removed litter and broken furniture and spruced up the centre.  Indeed their ‘Dhamma in Action’ have made the place much more inviting than it was a year ago when some devotees visited the centre.

Besides the kitchen, shrine hall and Sima House, there are several  ‘kutis’ for meditators who prefer to meditate in solitude. The ‘long houses’ have rooms which can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people and are equppied with mosquito nets to ensure that those who stay overnight will not be disturbed by mozzies.

I particularly like  the Sima House which is surrounded by a moat-like lotus pond. The walkway from the front of Sima House leads to 3 circular topiaries representing the Dhammachakra.

The huge trees provide good shade and keeps the surroundings cool. The compound has a rich variety of flora and fauna. There are several fruit trees like the papaya, mangoesteen and even durian. Flowers bloom beauftifully and there is a constant ‘symphony’ of sounds made by birds, insects and other creatures. For nature lovers and Singaporean urbanites, this place is like  a little paradise with an ambience that is conducive for meditation.

Dhamma in Action @ Pontain







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