MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Vesak Day 2013 Celebration, a New Milestone


MV Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) celebrated Vesak Day 2013 with a new milestone-an expanded recruitment exercise. In addition to recruitment for Sunday Dhamma Classes (for both adults and children) and the Youth Group as was done  in previous years (refer to link,  we launched the “MV Dhamma Fellowship Recruitment ” exercise targeted …

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The MV Bodhi Tree Is Gone

Fallen MV Bodhi Tree2

In the early morning of 26th August 2011, Monday, I was going through my emails when one terse message stopped me in my strides – “The Bodhi Tree in Mangala Vihara is gone. Brought down by last night’s thunderstorm”. What? Gone??? That Big, Gigantic Bodhi Tree at MV??? Just couldn’t …

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